Sorry for the inactivity here! ;_; I don’t have much to update been juggling school, work, and con prep the past 7 weeks

Anyways its midterm this week+next week and so is Anime Expo and I feel like death o<-< Here is a print I’ve been working on slowly the past 7 weeks inbetween hw school and work but due to many unfortunate technical things I might not finish it by AX ;v;;;;

Also I started working in a candy store in Pasadena, if you’re in the area please come check us out!! All the candy is handmade in the store <3 Papabubble@LA

AX print Wip, Doodle, Doddle

Falls to fetal position wish me luck on my final exams this week gyaa

I post a lot of WIPs lately;

I post a lot of WIPs lately;